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Behavior and Potty Training

I have a little girl who will be turning 5 in less than 2 months. She was born with an abdominal defect and other issues with her brain. Upon her first ultrasound they found she was missing a part of her brain called the septum pallucidum and possible issues with her pituitary gland, and a thin corpus collosum, among various other things. She has defied all negative setbacks concluded by doctors and specialists that she has seen in the past years and has over come a lot of obstacles we were told she would have problems with. She is outrageously smart and far beyond her years to the point where being a parent with the right kind of power to teach and dicipline her has been extremely complicated to say the least. I am writing now to reach out for any kind of help and advice that could possibly give me patience and understanding into how to deal with this reacurring problem I have been having with her for almost 3 years now. I started potty training her when she was 2 years old, by 2 1/2 she was already going to the training potty all by herself, by 3 she had naturally fallen back and forth from wetting her pull ups to going potty in the toilet, between 3 and 4 years old she was fully potty trained using the big potty all by herself with no help with few "accidents" inbetween. Since then she would go in monthly to about 3 month spans where she would have no "accidents" at all, until about 3 weeks before September 2012 she came home from school and it all changed. She started wetting on herself constantly, so I tried to be understanding about it for a while until it got to a point where I noticed she wasnt having "accidents" at school, and she is gone in the morning for about 4 hours including bus ride to school, until she gets home, in big girl undies the whole time. And, she takes mid afternoon naps in big girl undies for up to 3 hours sometimes and wakes up dry everytime. After naps she is in big girl undies until she goes to bed at night, then I switch to pull ups. She has been wetting herself sometimes 2-3 times a day while she is wide awake and very aware of her actions. We have 2 toilets in our home where she is never more than a few feet away from when she wets herself, some times she is even standing right next to the toilet when she wets herself. This has been happening so frequently that as a stay at home mom who works with her constantly, I start to get extremely frustrated. I like to believe that I can honestly say I have literally tried every form of dicipline I can think of, keeping in mind of her age, but also not to be blind to her obviously large mental capacity. I have tried parenting movies, talked to several doctors and specialists, used the internet for information, tried talking to parents, friend and family for any type of advice. She is a master manipulator, she out smarts me everytime. She has a way of taking every form of dicipline I have tried on her, and finds a way to use it to her advantage, making it feel to me like a complete waste of time. As it stands today, January 2013, she is still wetting herself, and I am trying a more forceful form of dicipline which includes: basic groundings with no toys or television to eliminate any form of distraction, no beverages unless its with a full meal, and light spankings (which I hate and feel terrible about) for her age (4) everytime she purposely wets herself with no remorse (she likes to basically rub her wrong-doings in my face everytime). I have gotten through one week using this method, and she is quickly rebelling and I feel like I am losing once again. I am at a complete loss and I am about to start pulling out my hair. SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME SOME GOOD ADVICE!!! Thanks for reading, I hope someone can help me....