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My 7 year old's flu jab

Tomorrow I will go to see the nurse at our GP surgery to get my 7 year old son's flu jab done - only problem is, this is our 3rd attempt!!! We have been twice already and, despite this being an annual visit, he is totally refusing to let it happen this year. We spent half an hour in the nurses room on his first visit and he wouldn't even roll his sleeve up. On the second visit he said he would go with his dad, but after 15 minutes they gave up again.
I am due to go back again tomorrow and he has already indicated he will not let it happen.
I have tried all sorts of techniques from bribery to punishment unless he lets the nurse do it. Explaining the reasoning for it doesn't help either.
Have you any tips for how to make this happen?
I don't know what else to try!