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so concerned about my daughter.

Hi I'm needing some serious advice daughters dad left when she was 7 months old.I left him due to a drug habit and him going crazy.he didn't have contact at first until a yr old.when my daughter was onr iit was as and when contact.when she was 2 he started again then 3 months later he stopped it again.due to doing some re hab thing.he never had any contact atal.Aug this year he started properly with it and he sees her once a fortnight.she basically never remembered him or speaks ababout him. Since ses gone she's been clingy crying and very withdrawn.I've been getting her to go aas she should and hoping shea improve.were are 5 months int it and shes still no change.last weeknd he came aand she hid away and got upset, so I put hr to him and she clammed up and went sad.when he came bk she just ran to me and went quiet she wudnt say bye to him. What nailed it on the head was we went to see her dads family over xmas and she clung and cried then too which was totally unusual for her.its now at the stage were I'm totally worried and its getting worse.I hope someone can help me with what steps to take.Thankyou