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concerned about my 6 yr old daughter


this is my last resort as seriously unsure of what to do or think as worried about taking her to the doc in case there are repurcussions.

Basically 2 years ago it first started (although there have only been 3 apparent occassions) when i got called into her nursery as a parent had soken to them as her son had said that my daughter had bitten his willy but the nursery weren't too concerned as they told me that they hadn't been alone in the toilet long enough.

Then last year my daughter and my neice had a sleep over and the next day there was an almighty row between me and my partners brother as my neice told him that my daughter had asked to see her "minnie" and touched it but when asked my daughter admitted to asking to see it but denied touching her.

Then my partners mother spoke to me saying that a friend of the family whose son is in the same class as my daughter, apparently said that she had touched his willy.

I am unsure as to what to think as not sure if its jus curiosity or whether there is something wrong with her, I could push it aside the first time but this is the third and i don't know what to do.

If anyone has ANY idvice it would be appreciated very much