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3 year olds sudden change in behavior


I recently moved to Scotland with my husband, My oldest son who is 3, and our youngest son who is 6months.

Basically, for about 15months now he had been acting up, biting, spitting, slapping etc, drawing on walls, refusing to potty train, and just generally being a "wild child"

We have been in Scotland for nearly a month now, and in the space of being here 2 weeks he became fully potty trained including night time, he doesnt bite he isnt spiteful in anyway, he has stopped drawing on walls.
He has also learnt to count to 5, do most of his abc's name animals and the noise they make, shapes and colours, His speech has become a lot more clearer as well.

He got worse when i Became pregnant with his little brother in sept 2011, So i just assumed it was jealousy. However he has never had a problem with his brother other then the morning after we got home from the hospital where he ran in our room peered into the bassinet and said "mum, what is that!" lol.

He hasnt seen his dad for a month now... not by my choice. He is COMPLETELY different child... My question is/was there something happening at his dads that was making him act this way because he couldnt tell me what was wrong? I'm so confused as to why he would randomly change so dramatically in such a little space of time