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struggling to gind routine with 2 kids

Hiya I just wondered if anyone had some advise for me. I have a son ahead 2 and a half, and a 12 week old son also.
I've never had any problems with my eldest he was always so well behaved and happy. The only issue I'd say is for the first 2 years he sleptbin our room as we were in a 1 bed flat so had no other choice. So we moved house a couple weeks b4 I was due our second child and my eldest has his own room now but I still have to take him to bed and get him to sleep most of the time I have to take the baby too. I'm just struggling trying to get baby asleep by certain time at night so I can focus on trying to get my eldest into a routine at going bed by himself. Also I teal have to potty train my eldest and I know he's ready but again don't seem to have the time. My eldest must be feeling really pushed out as I can't give him the attention he used to get and I find myself shouting at him when he is naughty when I never did b4. Everything is just getting too much I know wat I'm supposed to do as in naughty step, keep calm go down to his level and explain, put him to Bed say goodnight and go come back after s while if he gets out of bed settle him again but don't speak. And with the potty training just for it and list of praise but nothing is seeming possible atal