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14 year old daughters bad behaviour.

I have a 14 year old daughter who presents with very naughty behaviour, she has kept walking off and getting lost when we are out and has caused a lot of stress. I talked through my concerns with our practice nurse who recommended reins like you use for a toddler but designed for older children with challenging behaviour and special needs. These have calmed things down as she now has to stay with me or her dad when we take her out, but she sees them as unfair, however the nurse said I must be consistent untill I am really sure she has learnt self controll. Am I being unreasonable having spent money on these and found they work to continue to use them untill her behaviour perks up and she shows a genuine signs of being more mature. I've had nothing but poser tie comments from friends and neighbours and I think even her friends understand she needs to learn boundaries
Many thanks