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My 5 year old grandson

My grandchildren are the love of my life, and my daughters, but she is at the end of her tether. My grandson is just 5 and is causing her so much stress it is breaking our hearts. My daughter is a single mum, with a full time job, she has a wonderful child-minder who the children are very happy with. They are both in full-time education but are collected by the childminder after school until mummy picks them up about 5 o'clock.
As soon as she gets to pick them up George starts to cry and then behaves extremely badly until he falls asleep, every night. He loses his temper, he breaks things, throws things, kicks and hits both mum and his sister (she is 15 months older than him), screams, shouts and generally causes mayhem. My daughter has tried everything she can to calm him, time out, putting him in his room, talking to him and trying to reason with him, she is beside herself. We absolutely love him to bits, when he's good he is adorable, but these episodes are getting worse and she just doesn't know what to do. I have suggested seeing her GP or Health Visitor for advice. Please can you help?

Re: My 5 year old grandson

when my son was about 6 he used to come home from school and stamp up the stairs, scream, shout slam doors, really angry, infact sometimes we hadnt even got in the door when he used to slap me. at school i was told by the teachers he was a very good, quiet child polite etc,so i came to the conclusion that by the time he got home this pent up frustration during the day came out with me his mum at night,so i let him scream, and wale for a good hour or two untill he felt better, i kept calm and my mouth shut,after afew months things improved as his confidence grew,i think he wanted someone to listen but not challenge him,