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toddler spends nights in grandparents

My husband is planning a holiday for us (3 nights, 4 days long) with a sailing boat. The problem is that we cannot unfortunately take with us our 13 months old baby boy. I was wondering whether we will create feelings of anxiety or even depression to our baby, if we leave him with his grandparents. Please note that he spends weekdays from 9:00a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at his grandparents house, because both of us are working. He loves his grandparents and he is having a great time there, I fully trust them but my concern is whether he will be feeling abandoned by us, whether he will be able to understand (when we explain him) that we will be back, etc...
Please note that we left him once with my parents for 2 nights, he had a good time with them, he was very happy but on the second night he got a little crabby and he was crying for a while. When I saw him the next day, he was very happy to see me but after a while that he saw his father he totally ignored me and avoided eye contact with me. I interpret his attitude as his own way to send me the message that he did not like what we did and secondly that he felt abandon primarily by me (since he spends more hours daily with me). After a while, he was back to normal again cheerful and playful.
I feel that it is an internal struggle... on one hand I want like crazy to go for sailing (I love traveling and I haven't done that for a while), on other hand I don't want to be selfish and create anxiety to my baby or even worse, loosing his trust in me...
I would appreciate your help.