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Really challenging behaviour in my 3yr 8month daughter. Advice please?

Hi there, I have an amazing, beautiful and highly intelligent daughter who will be 4 in Sept. Problem is one minute she is the model child i.e. manners beautiful, chatty, happy etc then in an instant she is kicking, pinching, swearing and throwing the mother of all screaming fits. It is literally like someone flips a switch in her. She is extremely forward for her age but I cannot understand what I am doing wrong with regards to her behaviour. I dont like to compare children but my older two children were never so demanding and willful. I have spoken to her teacher at nursery who says her behaviour is perfectly "normal" whilst she is there which makes me think it is purely a familiarity thing as she is awful around her grandad, brother and sister too.
I have tried reasoning with her, taking things away as punishment and also the naughty step all to no avail.
Any help would be gratefully received.