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14 month old without mother

Hi. I am the father of a 14 month old girl who is going on 15 months. Her mother (my girlfriend) and I are living together. Her mother was incarcerated on may 1st of this year. Since then It is just me taking care of her other than when I am working and she is at daycare. Here is my question: Denise (my daycare person) is married to Robert. When they are both there and Robert is in the same room she will cry so hard sometimes that she almost makes herself puke. When denise has to leave once in awhile she is fine with Robert, however when they are both there she is not. I am wondering what would cause this. I think maybe it might be because she has me as her primary male figure, and has substituted Denise as her mother figure, so when they are both there she wants nothing to do with him and wants to cling to her. What do you think? It is becoming a problem. I don't want to have to take her out of there. please help.