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Older son

MY 22 year old son wants the freedom to bring a girl home to stay the night. This isn't a girl I know, just someone he meets when out clubbing. I have said is different if he is in a relationship. I have said that if he tries to sneak someone in, he will be embarrassed by my reaction. He thinks I am out of touch and old-fashioned. (All his friends parents let them do it!!)I tell him that when he has his own place he can do what he likes but we both know, in the economic climate, that is a long way off.It is just me and him, no father on the scene.Advice on what to say, please.

Re: Older son

Hi, I don't let my 19 year old bring his girlfriend (long term or over night) home for the night, and I get the same reaction. He has a younger brother, and the younger brother and I discussed wether we would feel comfortable with it or not, and decided not. If he doesn't like it, then hard luck. It's now a house rule. It may be old fashioned, but then a sense of morals comes from years and years of human behaviour! Good luck from me: @imabadmum