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8 yr old boy problem.

My 8 yr old son has always been very shy and reserved. He had trouble making friends at school and the friend he did make moved away last year. He has come out of his shell a bit and me, his dad and his teachers are thrilled about it. He made another friend and he would come to our house for tea on a Wednesday, the two of them would play together on their 3DS' over wifi at weekends too. I was checking his 3DS one night and I found a picture of my son's private parts on it. We have since found out that he sent it to his friend and now his friend has told some of the other boys at school about it. He is now being picked on about it and I am so worried that he will revert to being the way he was before. He is such a gentle boy, he still plays with his cuddly toys for goodness sake.
I have taken his DS from him and the boy is no longer his friend so he just wanders around the playground by himself again like he did before.
He knows he did wrong and he said he will never do anything like it again and I believe him.
What can I do to help him?