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Daughter not answering phonecalls

I have a fifteen-year-old daughter. Iam divorced from her mother and live 4 hours away. i call my daughter at least once a week, often not getting much response, and very occasionally have a great conversation about school, social, extra-curricular activities. Other parents told me its not unusual for teenagers to be close-lipped. I except that.
Currently she is not answering any calls i place to her. Also tried emails and text. Never angry - always expressing love , missing her and our conversations, a little worried, and to please get in touch with me.
Our relationship has always been good, no arguments, lots of laughs. Lately -before the silent treatment she seemed 'down' to me. Gentle questioning resulted in assertive polite denials of any issues.
The relationship between her mother and myself is very strained and has been for 9 years. I have promised my daughter that i woud no longer argue with my ex (as she told memow much it 'bugged' her, ad i have kept that promise.
She never talks about her mother only to critcize her computer savvy -- "Oh you know Mom and computers, she doesn't get it". More generally any discussion about her mother seems to be off limits - and i don't ask.
Today I called her mother and I received a voicemail stating that:
- she knows it's me but won't pick it up
- her mother says she encourages her to pick up the phone but will not get involved by answering the phone herself

Any ideas

Re: Daughter not answering phonecalls

Hi, Are you her facebook friend? Might be a more chilled way of staying in touch? Good Luck! from me: @imabadmum