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7 years old boy lying and hitting

Hi there,

I'm trying to get some advices to help me with my boy's situation. I have a very brigh 7 years old boy who can anticipate our behaviour/plan a few steps ahead. Sometimes, it is difficult to get how he feels and what had actually happended due to this as he tends to make up story to his benefits. He constantly fitting with siblings at home and at school. Despite time-out, naughty corner, this doesn't stop him.

Recently he had a big fight in school and I met the teachers and priciples. To cut the story short, he told the incidents with some made-up facts and kept some facts untold to 'protect' himself. He also drew quite a few 'DIE' words on the school desks where his teacher thought that it could be him but when questioned he denied. The teacher then asked the class to write this word trying to identify who's writting was it. He refused and told he didn't know how to spell this. I'm out of my wit at this moment. Any advice would be very helpful.

Thank you very much.