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Where do I start?

Our fourteen year old son is not like a 'normal teenage'
In fact - we hate that term, because, personally we think that the 'normal teenager' tag - is used too much these days.

Anyway - our son has difficulty with his emotions, as well as other things.
He lies - not normal lies. He does things or breaks things and then puts it right in his own head that he has not.
For example. He picked keys off his mobile phone - but swears blind that he did not break it - but 'he only picked the keys off of it'.
This is just one of the many things - every day that he sets right in his own head.
As a parents - we are firm but fair, and try to have fun, but we also realise that he has problems.
This has finally been highlighted by the school too, and they are offering to help.

It is hard to write on here how many things happen around our son - and it is hard to admit too.
He has admitted that he lacks emotion or empathy with others - so we suppose that is a start.
I have been rushed to A&E on a few occasions, due to asthma - and our son does not show any care at all.

He can charm people. When we are in company - he can turn into this charming funny lad.
Please do not say that it is normal - because it is not. (sorry to say that, but friends say 'oh our child is like that')

If he does not get his own way - he sulks badly, and we feel this is a form of bullying - but we do not give into it.

Re: Where do I start?

Oh, and he shows no remorse or guilt for anything he has done