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Daughter's Behaviour

Good morning

Our daughter who is 8 years old has over the last few months become very naughty.

I work 9-3, Monday-Friday and my husband works shifts, so during the holidays if both of us are working, she has no option but to stay with either of her Nanny's.

However, she will do everything in her power not to go. She is so stubborn and I cannot even get her dressed because she just fights me.

When my husband is on nights, as he is today, she wants to stay at home and wait until he gets up. What can I do? I have to get to work, so I left her there.

When she was younger, my Mum and her were inseperable but now the situation has changed. I now feel this could cause a rift between my Mum and me.

Please can someone advise me what I should do?

Thank you