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Which agency is best to use to find a nanny / Au pair / baby sitter?

Hi guys,

I have 2 kids, aged 2 and 5. I have been looking for nanny via my own adverts but not really finding any one I like and feel I can trust. I am not considering using an agency but some places charge to much and some place just look a bit strange.

So my question is can anyone recommend an agency based in London that they have used?
Also could you advise me on fees?

Thank you

Re: Which agency is best to use to find a nanny / Au pair / baby sitter?

Hi Sam,

I know how worrying it can be to leave your kids with a stranger and how do you know that they are trust worthy.

I used an agency called A.G.E Medical agemedical . c o m 0 2 0 7 0 5 5 2 9 9 0. I found them to be very helpful, they ask a lot of questions but its a good thing, because I received CV's of nannies that had, had previous experience, they where up to date with their CRB and First Aid.

The best part of the service was the fact that is was 100% free and the nanny works for me not the agency so I get to pay them directly and I know the agency are not taking any money away from my nanny.

I hope this helps you.

Take care