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Parent of a child under one ?, would you like to help with my research ?

Hi there,
I am currently working as a Health Visitor, but I am also a nursing research student at the University of the West of Scotland conducting an online study to investigate infant to parent attachment relationships.
It is well recognised that postnatal depression affects a mothers ability to respond to her infants cues.
The role of fathers is poorly researched, particularly in these circumstances where their role could be a moderating factor to the negative consequences of maternal postnatal depression.
As a website that attracts a large number of mothers and fathers,
I wonder if your site visitors would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to this important study. Participation is confidential, and involves clicking on a link which leads to a series of questionnaires.The study is targeted toward expectant mums and dads and parents of infants under one year.
The study title is

How does postnatal depression affect infant-mother attachment, and is the role of the father a moderating factor.

This is the link

I am happy to answer any questions which you may have.

Yours Respectfully

Morag MacPhail RGN RM HV BSc Public Health Nursing (Hons) Child Protection (Cert)