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4 year old's major tantrums over certain clothes

My 4 year old girl has major tantrums, even resorting to kicking sometimes, when we sk her to put on certain clothes which "hurt her". She screams and generally loses it to a point of not being able to converse with her. In between she's an angel! We have bought seam free socks, comfortable knickers, cut out labels ... Now she doesn't want to put on her school shoes and coat, which is causing problems for my child minder and the other kids she looks after.
HELP .....

My 6 year old also has major tantrums over certain clothes

I need advice in this area too. My 6 year old daughter will kick off when it is time to go anywhere. We have completely edited her wardrobe, bought a few new items and sized up as she's had a growth spurt. Getting to school withou a major tantrum has been so hard for the last couple of weeks. It is always that somthing is too itchy or does'n't fit or isn't comfy when we know it is the right size. We have bought different undies and changed from tights to over knee socks, which has made a difference. But it seems there will always be something, especially when its not her uniform. We think that there are underlying issues of jealousy for the relationship I have with her baby sister aged 19 months. But if she is seeking attention, she is receiving the wrong kind!

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Re: 4 year old's major tantrums over certain clothes

my 4 year old daughter has a tantrum every morning too. long sleeves have to be rolled up in a certain way,and she wont wear long sleeve on top, socks, pants, all cause fights, at the end of my tether.