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I don't know where to turn with my daughter anymore HELP!!!

Hi, I need help with my 7 year old daughter. i have tried many ways to get my daughter to open up to me and talk if she is feeling sad or angry but she just bottles everything up in side. She is always lieing to us both weather something small or big, if we ask her to do something she just screams in our faces when we try to talk to her she always fidgeting and does not listen and then just laughs in our faces when we get cross with her! her behaviour is know causing a rift between me and my husband as we do not know what to do any more. We have a younger daughter who sees everything she does and she is know copying it all! We keep trying to do positive things with her and she just throws it all back in our faces. I really need some answers off how to get things under control. so if you can help it would be a life send thank you

Re: I don't know where to turn with my daughter anymore HELP!!!

try playing with her then maybe play out some situations,, in a more relaxed state she maybe mite open up a bit,, my daughter is 19 now and she was a very angry child too,, she is a mummy now and we have a grand relationship ,,,