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a difficult child

Hi my son is nearly 12 years old.He has had behaviour problems since he was 3.We are involved with a number of professionals to help us with his behaviour but noone is making any difference.He can be very aggressive distructive hes been in trouble with the police we have no parental control over him he runs the house.I can go on and on we dont know what to do anymore even the professionals dont can anyone help us through this very difficult time we are under complete stress with this we are at a standstill

Re: a difficult child

You might consider troubled teens boarding schools, They offer a structured alternative school environment where troubled teens can grow and learn to make the changes necessary for a successful life. Wherein the teen is able to learn to make correct choices in a healthy and positive way.

Re: a difficult child

Students who are failing in the home and need the help of a structured setting will find success in a boarding school.