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Bright 5 yr old boy, wont listen

Can anyone help.. I have a bright 5yr old, who is very articulate and just finishing his reception year at school and he has started to be rude.. in that he answers back, won't listen, won't do as he is asked - some time I have to ask 2 and 3 times, like getting dressed for school.. he can take so long to do anything and as for eating he can take 45 minutes to eat a simple meal..
This lack of listening is coming in school and teachers have mentioned..
When he is told off or made to do something, he can become upset, crying and creates maximum drama to get his own way.

He is an only child, so I have no comparison but he is not a naughty boy normally and so I am not sure what to do..

Is this just an age and school thing??? - all advice / thoughts welcome..

Re: Bright 5 yr old boy, wont listen

hiya hope i can give you a bit of advice.I am a mum of 4 so ive been there done that wore the t shirt.I think he is just going through a phase but you need to nip this behavior in the bud before it gets worse.You need to be strong and follow things through.Have you tried a chart do one thing at a time.Start with the morning routine getting up having breakfast getting washed and dressed for school.Use stickers every time he does the things that are on the chart reward him with a sticker and praise him for doing what is asked.They work wonders thay really enjoy the charts at his age it makes things more fun.He will eventually click and do things by getting into that routine.The rudeness side you need to sit him down and explain that his behaviour is not acceptable be firm in your voice explain to him that it isnt nice and is upsetting.If you think that you may need extra help talk to school they can get in touch with parent support workers that can help yopu and give you advice.In my experience they have been a godsend.Having kids isnt easy but with all the support and advice that you get the easier it can be.