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Kindergarten Daydreaming

My 6 year old daughter has been having alot of problems in school this year. She gets distracted easily, combined with her lack of enthusiasm for the work, and her stubborness, she has a really hard time finishing tasks at school. Her teacher set up a timer that she sets before each task and if she completes her task on time she gets a sticker. This has helped some, but she is still having trouble. She is really smart and scores high on her report card. I think part of the problem is that kindergarten is way too focused on pushing reading, writing and math. She sits at the table all day doing worksheets when at her age she needs to be doing alot more activity and play based learning. She needs to learn that learning is fun. They rarely even get recess and young kids learn better when they're doing active hands on learning and getting outdoor recess. But then again she has problems in P.E as well. I get really frustrated. I appreciate that her teacher tells me when she's had a hard day, but I feel helpless because I don't know what to do.