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7 year old attitude and bedtime battles

our 7 year old daughter is going to split us up! my husband and I are so tired and exhausted with battling with our 7 year old daughter we are turning on eachother, we dont get any time to sit down and spend together because she is constantly getting up demanding things and being cheeky and doesnt go to sleep until 10-11pm later sometimes, by which time we are falling asleep ourselves. She tells me to 'shut up' and says she hates me and even her school teacher said she didnt know what to do with her at first this school year, I was so embarrassed and started a behaviour contract with her teacher and her behaviour at school improved a lot but at home is worse than ever. Especially during school holidays, I am losing my temper with her lately as I am appaled by her cheek and so tired. The other day she got hurt badly as I was dragging her to her bedroom and she tripped over the heater and has a black eye and I feel awful. please help