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my three sons

I am a not so single father of three sons, whose mother is really not in their lives. About six months ago we moved in with a wonderful woman who I really love, and also has a child. At first everything was great. we all got along and everyone was happy. But after time my children became more and more destructive with her childs toys and misc items, and also treating him badly. when confronted about their behavior, they clam up and dont express any feelings, and do not have an explantaion for why they are acting out. I heard from family which they see on a regular basis they are jealous of my girlfriend's son, saying at least your mother loves you to their cousins. it has became such an issue me and my sons moved out, and they as of right now are not allowed in her house. to top it all off my girlfriend is pregnant and due in a few months. I want a happy family, but i am realistic that now this may not work. However what should I do because i fear this is just going to be something that is going to reappear in future possible relationships. What should I do?

Re: my three sons

Honestly it sounds like the boys are having a hard time coping, and why not? Their mother is not there, they got moved to a new house with a new woman, and a new brother figure. They just need you to be as understanding as possible. How old are they? Try to do things that involve everyone, then also make time to spend with just them. I think it will help them cope and possibly be more apt to open up and tell you how they feel. Good Luck with your boys I'm sure it will straighten out