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Rude 11 year old daughter

Advice needed...........

I have an 11 year old daughter who is very rude and has, again been sent up to bed because of this!!
She hates being "wrong", always has to have the last word, shouts at us, ends up being disciplines and then acts like a 4 year old crying and saying sorry but then the next day is the same.
We have a puppy, which she also wanted and now blames everything on the puppy, ie: I don't give her enough attention anymore, etc, etc, she's horrible to the puppy (not physically), if that excuse doesn't work she tries another and so on. She is an only child and likes to be in control and know exactly what is going on. She is extremely polite and an angel at school but it's like she cannot control her temper. Today MY Dad, her granddad told her he thought she spoke to me badly and when we came home she was telling me how much she hated him and how her behaviour is none of his business, etc, etc. Any advice please......