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My husband and I dont get along - we dont fight or argue though, for the sake of our 6 year old son. I have been trying to sort it out for years now, but he refuses to see me half way or go to councelling. We live away from family in a very rural area which makes day to day living difficult, and he spends most weeks away at work - typically mon-fri away. Although he is generally a good dad, he can be restrictive, insular and too diciplined with our son,I feel our son is rounded and stable mostly because of my constant input.My husband doesnt think he needs to be around everyday for our son and has not tried to change his working time. I have asked him to spend more time with us, but he refuses. His job comes before our family...always. I would like to move away nearer to civilisation, my family and more social experiences for my son and myself... he refuses to go. I'd like to go back to uni and I want my son to join in with other local kids at clubs/sports etc, but I feel guilty about breaking up our family. My question is...would my son benefit more from 2 unhappy parents under the same roof & staying put at the same school with limited friends, or, should we split and live nearer my parents where I have more support and more social opportunities? - my husband would still only see our son at weekends either way. I'd be grateful to hear from anyone who had had a similar experience. Thanks