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My 5yr olds behaviour at school seems to be out of control..!!

Hello all...
I am at my wits end..!! My 5yr old son has just started Year 1 at school. We got through Reception by the skin of our teeth and some in-school behaviour classes which semed to really help...but now, 3 wks into the school year I feel we are right back to where we were this time last year..!!
He is a very bright, well mannered, funny, lovable little boy who brightens every day for his daddy and I...we have no major behavioural problems at home other than a bit of cheek and the occasional strop when tired etc...but in school he is just a trouble-magnet..!! I really dont know what happens but he just seems to get into mischief constantly or even fights with other kids or just whacks the odd kid if he doesnt get his own happens during school and also at after school club...rarely a day goes by without us being spoken to about his behaviour and now i really dont know where to turn..??
The last two evenings i have been so angry, upset, frustrated etc that i have screamed at him...he didnt cry but was very upset and full of promises of renewed good behaviour, only to go straight back in and start again..!!
Please, someone, help me...any suggestions welcome..!!!