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my son is very shy

hi, my son is three and half.he is very active and naughty at home but outside he dosent talk with anyone & is the most obedient child in class.he dosent even talk to his class teacher, he will just observe other children play,will not talk to them or play with them. he is a very good listner, observes things and learns very quickly, but if he is told to recite a rhym in class wont utter a word.he is a single child.

Re: my son is very shy

Hiya, your son sounds just like my daughter, although she is abit older than him. my daughter is the most outgoing, noisy, sometimes bossy to her younger brother etc when she is at home but when at school it is a whole different kettle of fish!!! when she is at school she is exactly as you have described your son, she'll listen intently, not say boo to a goose, when the class are asked a question to answer she will not put her hand up to answer even thou she is bright and would proberbly know the i think it is down to a confidence thing. you or i haven't done anything wrong it is just how our individual children are. my daughter used to go to a little local drama class and i think that helped with her confidence quite doing things thru play etc i wouldn't worry too much and just encourage when u can thru play wud be my advice. hope this helps from heidi..x