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messing with poo

My 2 year old son has been messing with his poo, he waits until he's in bed and poos then takes his nappy off and plays with it. There's been several occasions where he's wiped it on the wall, on the carpet, on himself and his toys etc....
Me and his dad are out of ideas now, we've tried everything but it carries on. There was a couple of weeks where he didn't do it but it's started again recently. When asked why he's done this my son says he doesn't know.
I've been told by family and friends this is just a phase but others have never come across this problem and I can't find advice anywhere. I'm worried it may be down to an underlying problem but havnt noticed any other behavioural changes except he seems to be overly interested in playing with his privates, at least 3 times a day I find him messing with himself to the point where his willy is red and sore.
Any help/advice would be very much appreciated