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does my son have tendencies to become a gay?

hi! i have a 5 year old son, turning 6 this september. my dilemma with him is that, i caught him several times keeping my undies and my make-ups. worst, he was caught by his aunt wearing them. my husband and i had talked to him about this, but he was not able to give us valid reasons. my husband told me that probably he is still at his discovery stage, which i still couldn't accept. i am afraid that he has the tendency to become a gay. are these things enough manifestations that his feminine side is stronger than his masculine side? i really need your advice regarding this matter.
Thanks so much!

noreen, philippines

Re: does my son have tendencies to become a gay?

And what would be wrong with being gay? He would still be your son if he grew up and fell in love with another man.