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Too much nursery?

My son is 30 months old and lives with his mother, my ex partner. I have him for two nights a week and the odd additional occasion.
My son is due to start nursery in September on a 5 morning a week basis. (At the moment he spends 2 full days in a creche/nursery.) My ex partner also wants to place him in child care with a minder for two additional afternoons. This is to suit her working time. I work shifts and quite often have time off during the week.
I accept the 5 mornings would be good, but have expressed a concern that the additional two afternoons is too much time spent in that environment for a child of that age. I feel that he would be better off spending that additional time with her, myself, family, ie. Grandparents. Although I appreciate the benefits of time spent with other children etc. I just feel he would gain more from the one to one contact, love and affection and learning he would receive from this.
What are your feelings on this. Many thanks.
Wayne. UK.

Re: Too much nursery?

[Reposted under the correct Subject!]

Hi Wayne,

My wife and I think that every morning at nursery is a good thing at that age and then afternoons with parents / grandparents / and also possibly with the childs friend(s) to play. Our daughter got very tired just with the morning at nursery each day. At 3.5 years she stayed at nursery 7 hours per day.

We know people who both work and take their child to nursery at about 8am and collect the child at about 6.30pm. We ask "what's the point of having children" if you both have to work to that extent during the child's first few years. When a child is at school all day work can recommence because the child isn't at home anyway. But during the early years we think a child likes to have playtime with parents / grandparents and other family, and develops healthily too. We have certainly seen some children at parties who attend nursery all day while parents are working and our daughter, amongst others, gets bashed and knocked because the all-day-nursery-child gets aggresive / goes about bashing.

Perhaps consider if the arrangement is good for you? Two afternoons a week might not be too much if it allows you to get on and spend the time with your child. Hope this helps.

Re: Too much nursery?

Thanks for that. I agree with what is the point of having children if they are at creche/nursery all day in the first few years. My son will be in school full time from 3yrs 8 months. I just feel at 2yrs 8mths, 5 mornings and then 2 afternoons is a little too much, especially when I have the time to spend with him during these times. I believe that at this age he would benefit more from time with his father/mother/grandparents, and get more love, attention and one to one learning.