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Our daughter (2) has started to wake in the middle of the night and bounce on her bed. Not sure if she is always awake or is doing it in her sleep. This has been happening for the past week or so and she is quite grumpy in the day as a result.

She doesnt want us int he night and is able to get in and out of bed if she needs to.

Any ideas how to break this?

Re: Bouncing

Hi. She likes bouncing so I'd suggest taking her to a trampoline centre / playcentre ith trampolines as often as possible. It'll wear her out so she sleeps and she'll have done her bouncing. Also tell her that she's bouncing on a bed which is for sleeping so if she bounces on it she might through it. Perhaps get her home trampoline? ELC has a my first trampoline which is small and square with a hold bar at the front. Hope this helps.