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Re: 5yr old son playing up with split parents!!

Hi Sarah.
Many thanks for reading my post and your great reply.
My circumstances are really spot on with what u say.
My relationship with hes mum isnt the best at times but resonable at times for hes sake.
She is engaged to another man now and has a 1yr old like i said in my last post. He gets on with her new man most of the time but plays him too, and says to me that :he hits him: etc....
i work in a factory and my shifts are correct in what u have interputted.
its hard cause i would honestly love to take him every wk or wkends but cant and with the way the world is going; jobs are few and far between. Hes mum says well youll have to try and find a more suitable job, but to be honest i really like my job now. not sayin i put that before my son cause thats what she thinks and constantly says.
its virtually impossible to meet up for coffee with hes mum etc like u stated as its a very far distance between us.
he keeps asking when am i collecting him to hes mum and when she tells him, he goes off on a major tantrum.
it kills me talking to him on the phone with isnt much cause he gets way too upset when he speaks to me
many thanks again Sarah and i hope we chat more or anybody else that has advice or going through the same misshap