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4yr old son out of control

My son Declyn Turned 4 Last Month, Comes From A Loving Home, He Gets Up At 6.30am Goes Into His Brother Kierans Room Who Is 2 And Wakes Him Up They PLay Quiet For About 10 Mins then My 4yr Old Starts Beating Him Up Because Kieran Is Playing With His Own Toys, When I Hear Them I Get Up Staright Away Put Declyn Back Into His Own Room Explain To Him Its Too Early To get Up And He Needs To Go Back To Sleep Or Lay In Bed And Watch A Dvd, He Hits Me With A Toy Or His Bare Hand, When I Close The Door And Leave His He Just Opening His Door Slam's It Shut, Throws Toys At The Tv Scrathes The Dvds etc. So When We All Finally Get Out Of Bed Which Is About 7.30 - 8am He gets His Breakfast Refuses It, Get Him In the Bath He Hits Kieran With A Wet Flannel Or Throws Water In his Eyes, I Have Tried Seperate Baths Now, Then They Get Dressed And Play Outside In The Garden, They Both Have There Own Bike And football, I Have Bought Kieran Nearly 25 Balls As Declyn Feeds Them To The Dog Next Door Or Stamps on Them Til They Burst, Pushes Kieran Off His Bike, Sits On Him And Attacks Him We Have Brought declyn In Put Him On The Naughty Step He Shous Our Dog And Kicks her Bites Her, He Is Really Aggressive Towards The people Who Love Him, Our Dog Is Petrified From Him, Dinner Time Comes We Give Him A Choice He Helps Prepare Dinner, Sits Up Nice But He Eats One chip Or One Half Of Sausge And throws It Everywhere We Ask Him Nicely To Pick It Up He Stamps It Into the Floor, Back On the Naughty Step, Then Its Back In A Bath Depending How Dirty They R, After Bathtime He gets A Choice Of Supper Wether Its Supernoodles Toasts Sweets etc. Kieran Goes To bed At 6pm DeclynGoes At 7pm, He Goes To bed With A Glass Of Milk As Juice Was Making Him Hyper, And Also A Biscuit Or Nothing Depending On His Behaviour, As Far As i have Seen On his Floor Is A Biscuit And Milk All Crushed Into The Carpet Every Nihgt, We Have Recently Put Him to bed Without Anything, He Runs Up And Down Every 20mins Wanting More When Its refused He Opens The Front Door Runs Out And Starts Shouting At People Walking Past, We Have Now Locked the Door And Held The Key, He Just Wont Go to Sleep Until 1am If Were Lucky then Its Back Up At Half 6, I Really Dont Know How To Deal With Him I Miscarried On December As he Kicked Me In The Stomach With His Boots On, I really Dont Like The Fact I Blame My Son, i Am Pregnant Agin And Am Scared Incase It All Goes Wrong Again Plz Help.....!!!!!