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9 year old daughters

Can anyone help?
My 9 year old daughter spends half her life hating me and I just dont know what to do.
She is jealous of her 5 year old twin brother and sister nad no matter what we do or give her, she is never satisfied.
My hubby and I are at a loss as to what to do.

Re: 9 year old daughters

I have a 10 yr old neice who hates her mum and dad and her 16yr old sister, she threatens to burn the house down, she goes to scholl and tells teachers that her family are going to kill her.
She runs away from her house to mine and says she is never going back.
When she arrives at mine i sit her down and talk to her but she just curls up and stays quiet.
Nobody can help, doctors dont want to know,school doesnt help .
I am now contacting Social Services asking for help before my sister ends up in the local mental hospital , due to self admittance.
Can anyone offer any help??????