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4 year old girl, breakfast table talk

Dear Sirs,

Can you help? I was at the breakfast table with my four year old daughter this morning helping her to some chocolate balls breakfast cereal which is tasty for her and fortified with vitamins and minerals. She was looking at the packet and I saw the vitamins/minerals section so started to tell her about what vitamins and minerals that were in the cereal and how healthy it was for her as well as tasting of chocolate. I began to tell her about olden days when sailors went to sea but couldn't take fresh fruit and vegetables with them for the whole voyage from which it was found partly that these vitamins in the cereal and minerals keep us healthy. I was about to talk about how legs used to grow a bit bent from scurvy (which I suppose might have been a bit unpleasant but fact nonetheless).

On hearing this my wife came very quickly down the stairs to the breakfast table, excited and out-of-breath, and said that she has found out about what I am saying and that it is the start of eating disorders and that children should eat what they want and see all food as food and only that. She then took my daughter to the bathroom.

Is what my wife has said actually right? I was actually supporting my daughter eating the chocolate cereal, she had 2.5 bowls full for breakfast which appears to me to be a good breakfast for her today. If it is right, does my wife's reaction (quickly downstairs, excited, out-of-breath, talking about eating disorders) fit the seriousness of what I was saying.

Afterwards my daughter was taking a toy cuddly duck to her nursery and she came to me and pretended that it was biting me and she said I am going to skin you. I have not said anything to her about skinning so is this a reaction to what she saw? I said that a goose might give us a nip as in a story book of hers and when we went for a particular walk once where there were geese. She then went smiling to nursery.