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5yr old has to remove clothing before using toilet

My 5 year old boy insists on removing ALL his clothing when he goes to the toilet for a poo. He will not go to the toilet at school for a poo because of this and is giving himself really bad tummy ache as a consequence. Anyone had similar issues, or knows the cause or a solution to the problem let me know.

Re: 5yr old has to remove clothing before using toilet

Hello. I wondered if he has had a difficulty at school when making poo such as getting poo on the back of his shirt or not having enough time,and that his friends have said something to him about it which has upset him? Has he not been able to clean his bottom fully which has left a smell or got poo on his hands, and either been mocked by pupils or he has found it unpleasant. Maybe it hurts him if he can't part his legs fully, is he fully hydrated to make the poo come out ok?

I would regulate his poo with a prune each day starting on a Thursday with the weekend soon, or as soon as possible during holidays, to get the timing of the poo-ing to after school at home, evening or morning. If he wants to take his clothes off at home let him, its ok? I take off my daughters stockings sometimes when she makes poo because the poo drops straight into the toilet usually making wiping her bottom afterwards that much easier than a poo smeared bottom. After all, cleaning a bottom after poo can be quite a task, even for a grown-up!