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3yr old son with behavior problems

I need help!!! My son is a very happy, energetic, yet strong-willed and stubborn little boy. Every once in a while he acts out. He will throw a fit involving screaming and kicking and hitting. At home I've finally found a system that works most of the time. I give him the option to either get to play or if the behavior continues his other option is time-out. That usually makes him say he is sorry and stops the bad behavior. But the main problem is when he is at daycare. He will walk up to one of his friends at hit/kick/pull hair/or bite them for no reason and then put himself in time out (as if its some kind of game to him). And whenever the teacher goes to put him in time out he screams and kicks and hits at her. He has been written up 3 times for this already. If he gets written up again he is going to be put on 2 week suspension. I've told his teacher if he acts up again to tell him that he will not be allowed to ride the four-wheeler at home (one of his favorite things to do). Is there anything else that I can do or suggest to his teacher to try at school, to prevent him from getting written up again? He is the sweetest little boy most of the time, but when he acts out, he really acts out. Please help me!!