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Mommy please don't leave me here

this is my 4 year old's 1st week back since winter vacation. so he had all last week off and the week before he was out sick for 3 days and there were 2 snow days.. so in total its been 2 weeks since he's been to his preschool class.. This week has been hell week.. as soon as he knows we're getting ready for school he begins to cry and try to convince me why he cant goand that he will miss me and his daddy and his trains and he needs to stay home. This also goes on in the ride to school and all the way up the stairs in to his class room// please help.. this is so disheartening and I'm so close to calling it quits with him attending..please help.. I dont think I can take any other "Mommy please don't leave me here".. will this go away? do i continue to stay in his classroom the whole day or leave as soon as i see his engaged// ive dne this and teacher tells me he kept crying on and off for the rest of the day... this is so sad to me

worried sick mom