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10 yr old daughter

My daughter has had behaviour problems since the day she has started school-(5 and a half)mostly violent outbursts-She was moved into a unit for special learning-the education department moved her 4 times!!!!she kicks off in there-most of the behaviour is at school so I do not see it-Mostly me and her dad got the whiny moany side of her-she has never raised her hands or swore or picked up objects in our company.
Anyway she was getting suspended from school again 2 weeks ago-I arrive and they tell me she has made allegations against me and her dad!! And they have called social services!! I CAN ASSURE EVERYONE WE HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING TO OUR CHILD!!!
Anyway they wouldn't give her back to me and she stayed with other family members while police investigated us-all of it was unfounded and she has admitted she has lied! We got her back after 6 days! And during that time she tried to stab her nana and herself! She has been to the child and family mental health services they discharged her-Also tried every behaviour technique in the book-Is there anything else I can try for my child? Or is there something wrong?