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worried by 18mths old behaviour

my son who has just turned 18ths is driving me up the wall he constantly hits me and his sister and throws tantrums when not getting his own way i have tried everything i can think of as he is still so young time out in the playpen and taking him out when he stops ignoring the bad tantrums and hitting and giving praise and attention when he is good but all to no avail he has stopped napping during the day which makes matters worse as i can see he is tried but refuses to sleep at my wits end as i am a single parent and don't know what else to try

Re: worried by 18mths old behaviour

He will have tantrums for some time to come yet (sorry!) and what he's doing, although not desirable, is all normal for his age group. It sounds like you are responding in a very good way, but try to do the same thing each time so he gets the message loud and clear and be sure he's not getting even the tiniest bit of attnntion while he's yelling. Make sure he gets a cuddle straight after a tantrum as calming down is a skill worth praising Is his sister older or younger? If older, try not to compare what he does to what she did as that only makes us worry and they all get there in the end.