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my 7 year old boy:

my boy is really good with other people, but he's hell withme. i'm a single mom, i have him and a 18 month old. he argues over everything, he lies, steals, tonight when i put him to bed i read him his story and let him have a glass of water, go pee, at 7:30, awhile later he started asking for more water, i saidno, that i already told him that was enouph water for the night, well he started balling, and didn't stop till 10, everything i tried, he just said he was doing it because he wanted water, and he kept repeating it. he does that all the time, i will go on forever hours, because he does't get his way with one little thing. what do you do when they don't want to listen, they just keep repeating one thing , over and over? i've tried just to walk away, but he just doesn't stop, like hours later??