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Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me here. My 2 year old son alwys seems to become extremely hyperactive and violent when he becomes tired. Around 2 hours before he falls asleep he will:
* run around screaming and shouting
* bang his head off of the walls
* kick everyone
* bite everyone
* punch everyone
* pull hair
* bad use the pets
* throw things
* temper tantrums for no reason at all
* kick walls and doors
and much more. This happens every night and I am worried. I can't cope with this behaviour much longer. I had asked my health visitor why he is doing this and she had said that this kind of behaviour is normal for a child his age (2 years). However I have asked all my mates who have children and none of them had this kind of problem. My son is really tired and restless but despite this this is what happens all the time no matter how tired he is. Is this normal or should I get him checked?


Well, yes, it is true that a lot of this is typical for a 2 year old boy BUT it doesn't mean there aren't things you can do to help before you completely lose your mind! Sounds like he is overtired. Does he sleep well at night and for enough time? Does he get naps?

Here are a couple suggestions that I hope help.
Idea #1: A peaceful bedtime routine starting one hour before bedtime. Bath, warm milk (I never tried the milk but I hear there are Endorphins in it that are supposed to make you sleepy) book, etc. Peaceful music or even better, white noise (like a small inexpensive air purifier) for him to get used to which will condition him to get sleepy every time he hears it. The white noise works well all night because it will keep him from getting awaken by noises too! For naps you can do a similar routeen. Just make sure he is getting enough sleep.

Idea #2. I noticed that behavior like that can cause a vicious cycle. He acts up, you get upset, you yell or scold, he gets worse and it just goes around and around. For the little things, try to ignore them, for the big things, rather than scold (for now!) direct him elsewhere. Make yourself see the positive things he does because the happier you are, the better he will be.

Idea #3: Check his diet. Lots of juice, sweets or carbs can really make a kid hyper!

Good luck!