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my 4 yr old keeps pooing her pants!

My daughter was potty trained successfully a few months before her third birthday. However, she has a regression when she started school about 3 months after her 3rd birthday. We then endured a good 7 months of her pooing in her pants; sometimes we had success when she did it on the toilet, but 80% of the time it was not successful. I read up on various sites about the problem and most of the advice seemed to suggest being patient and letting her come through it (though most suggested it would take a maximum of 3months as opposed to 7!) She has been fine for the past 3 months, always going off to the toilet by herself, and then suddenly she has had a severe regression again. I have been desperatley trying to pinpoint an area of stress which might have caused this but really can't think of any reason for her sudden regression. For the past week we have been getting through 4 or 5 pairs of pants a day, plus pyjamas....and it's really getting us down. I feel like I've exhausted all my patience, but getting cross with her hasn't worked either. I've tried asking her why she doesn't like the toilet, and have tried to suggest the potty again, and her choosing where she wants it, but nothing is working. She sits on the toilet, but when she gets off she goes and squats behind the sofa or in a corner and does it in her pants. It's so frustrating! Any ideas??? (I've done lots of star-charting/bribery...) Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: my 4 yr old keeps pooing her pants!

I came on this site for exactly the same reason, its driving me mad!! so embarresing too as it happens ay school but she wont tell anyone in fear she might get into trouble. Is it to do with stress?? i havent looked it up yet as i wanted to see if this was a commen thing in 4 yr olds or just my daughter out to get attention. She will be 5 very soon and really need it sorting but unsure of which root to take!

Re: my 4 yr old keeps pooing her pants!

Same here my daughter is almost 4 she was toileted completely prior to her 3rd birthday and it was all going well and now its a complete regression wee's and poo's we are at our wits end with it and as said we have tried bribery star charts, telling offs none of which works