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Worried About Daughter Making Friends

My daughter (8) is an only child. She always used to go out of her way anywhere we went to make a friend and did it very easily. Recently, she has become very self concious and introverted. Part of me thinks it's because her "best" friend plays head games with her and goes out of her way to hurt my daughter's feelings or make her feel left out when other children are around. Unfortunately, she is the only girl in the neighborhood and when they are together, they are usually happy but I do secretly wish she'd move away or another girl would move in near us. Problem is, neither is happening! My daughter is starting a new summer camp this year and won't know anyone. I am worried sick that she will be afraid to make friends or be left out because that is the position she puts herself in these days. I don't know what to do to help her without being too obvious or drawing attention to it. I said something to the camp director and she assured me that the counselors will help the kids interact but you know how that goes. Most counselors are more interested in flirting with eachother than caring anbout the kids. What can I do to empower my daughter and help her not shy away from other kids?