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School Bullying

Once every couple of years or so, I post the URL to my website on various boards of interest to people who might have school age children, or an interest in the subject of school bullying, to promote my short story and website built around it. Please understand that I do not make a penny from the effort and there aren’t even any ads on my website or within my story.

The purpose of the story is to warn parents that if their kids are being even severely bullied in school, they should most assuredly not assume that their kids will let them know about it. My story explains the reason why, as do various articles I have written at my website.

Recently, I viewed on The Oprah Winfrey internet channel a video featuring John and Kelly Halligan, the parents of Ryan, a thirteen-year-old boy who committed suicide a few years ago due to chronic school bullying. Mrs. Halligan noted that when she discovered her son after his suicide, her reaction was, of course, shock and she asked: "Why? Why? Because I didn't understand it. He just seemed so happy."

You might well be astonished to learn how accomplished a child actor your son or daughter has learned to become; how the instant smiles appears on his or her face the second he or she walks in the door after school.

If any care to read the story or at my site, and you appreciate anything about it, please recommend it to others. I am currently working on a review of the book *Bullyproof Your Child for Life*, by Joel Haber, Ph.D., with Jenna Glatzer. This book also warns about the danger of kids hiding their problems from parents and suggest many good tactical approaches to get your kids to open up to you. The problem is not just that a youngster will not tell you about his or her problems with school bullying, but will often strive not to give you any indication or suspicion of such.

Although this book, unlike my story and website, does cost money, Dr. Haber and Ms. Glatzer don't know me from Adam, and I get nothing for recommending his book.

Thank you and here is the URL for my website from which you can access "Pride's Prison," my short story for free:

Or just insert "Donald Schneider", school bullying into any internet search engine.