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Potty training

dd is 7 and been trained for pooping in the toilet since she was 3 but still wets. she is in pullups during the day still. Mostly she will go to the toilet to poop but lately has been going in her pullup. The first time was on the bus on the way home from school. i didnt make a big deal since she couldnt get to a toilet. but she has been doing it every day since then, even though she was near the toilet. She changes her own pullup at school when she is wet but just sits in her poopy one. I dont know what to do. she has also been going in her night time diaper. Before she started doing this she was also peeing sometimes twice in the potty each day, now she only goes in her pullup or diaper. she is a smart girl so i dont know why she doesnt get it yet.

Re: Potty training

nappies and pottys at 7????? Is that a typo?

take it off, you've let her become lazy about it.