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Behaviour issues: 6 yr old boy

My son is 6yrs old. His behaviour is average 80% of the time. 10% of the time he is angelic, then 10% of the time he is horrific. This awful behaviour occurs on a daily basis. Short bursts of frequent unacceptable behaviour. He is like a coiled spring, constantly squealing and wailing like a tantruming toddler. For example he wakes in the morning and if he decides that he wants to get downstairs without being spotted and someone sees him, he runs off back up the stairs screaming and wailing. He comes out of his classroom at home time and the second he is in the corridor if he is having an off day, he will run out and race up the driveway like a wild uncontrollable child. He appears very agitated and will leap into the car wailing and squealing. I would say his triggers are the following: other siblings talking when he is trying to tell me something in the car, noise when he is tired, when he is trying to do something and not allowed to finish, when things don't go his way. Meal times are particulary bad. He tends to muck about with his food, burp incesantly, make stupid noises etc, then run off squealking at the slightest thing (especially if we have grandparents round!). It seems to be a mixture between attention seeking behaviour (he is the second child of four)and inability to manage his emotions (frustration, tiredness, hunger, noise). I find myself getting angry when he behaves in this way, as he is behaving like a 2yr old and if I ingnore him, i feel as if I am allowing him to get away with the behaviour. We have tried various strategies consistently for years now and I just feel like we can't crack it. He snaps out of his outbursts very quickly but they are frequent. He manages to keep it together at school but at home these outbursts are both embarassing and challenging.
Please help

Re: Behaviour issues: 6 yr old boy

Have you talked to your his doctor about this? Not to worry you, but maybe its something more serious then needing attention.